The Family Values Flag represents:

  • Traditional marriage 
  • Straight Pride
  • Parental primacy & rights
  • Traditional family values
  • Masculinity & femininity 
  • Motherhood & fatherhood
  • Children are the blessings of marriage

"Truth will ultimately prevail where pains is taken to bring it to light."

- George Washington

We're All About Winning the Culture War

We designed the Family Values Flag to help conservatives fight against the left's aggressive attack on all that is good and beautiful - especially traditional marriage, heterosexuality, and the nuclear family.

Leftists have been very successful using the rainbow for "visibility" and promotion of their agenda. We think a conservative counterpart is LONG overdue. Imagine how encouraging it would be to see an image that represents traditional family values everywhere you go: on bumper stickers, stickers on water bottles and laptops, porch flags, pins, and more. Can you imagine what a game-changer it could be if leftists started seeing such a symbol popping up around every corner? Here's our chance!

The goal is to have a visible, recognizable and positive image that represents what we need to promote and preserve: traditional family values!

Join Team Sanity and order your Family Values merchandise to show the leftists that we're still here and we will never stop fighting against the evil ideology they are trying to force upon us and our children.

All Great Movements Have Powerful Symbols

  • The red background represents traditional heterosexual romantic love.
  • The heart shape represents married, familial love.
  • The red, white, and blue represents our fight for the soul of our nation.
  • The man represents the strong, masculine, fatherly protector of the family.
  • The woman represents the feminine, motherly figure of the family.
  • The children represent the truth that children naturally flow from heterosexual marital love, and only from heterosexual union.
  • The children's raised arms represent the innocent joy of childhood.
  • The mother and father's arms extended around their children represents their right and duty to protect their children.
  • The wife turned toward the husband represents the beautiful intimacy of marriage.

We Stand In Opposition Of

  • "Pride Month" and the practice or condoning of the homosexual lifestyle
  • Gender ideology (that there are any genders besides "male" and "female") 
  • Systemic child abuse (public schools and other institutions promoting gender confusion, "transitioning" kids socially, drag queen story hours, forced use of preferred pronouns, etc.)
  • Medical child abuse (puberty blockers, child sterilization, child bodily mutilation, etc.)
  • The sexualization of children (exposing them to Pride events, drag shows, and pornography under the guise of "sex education.")
  • Pressuring anyone to be a so-called "ally" to the LGBTQ movement
  • Abortion
  • The lie that children don't need both a mother and father